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If you know how to create websites, or know someone who can create websites for you, you will definitely welcome our Do-It-Yourself Package!

Ideal for student websites, personal websites, blogs, and even organization/business websites.

Only PHP 1,000 per year!


1,000 PHP ($28 USD) a year D-I-Y package:

  • 1 domain name

-,, or

  • 50 MB web space + 750 MB monthly bandwidth transfer

- affordable upgrades are available when needed

- take advantage of our feature-pack web hosting service

  • Business class, upgradable and fully supported

- have a scalable website with peace of mind


Paypal is our authorized payment gateway.
For bank deposit payment option, contact us!


Upgrade/Standalone options:

  • 50 MB web space + 750 MB bandwidth = 50 PHP ($1.5 USD) per month
  • Domain registration (.com, .net, or .org) = 800 PHP ($20 USD) per year *
  • Additional domain registration (.ph) = 3500 PHP ($75 USD) per 2 years *


 * subject to change without prior notice
Want more? Feel free to contact us!